Web Scrobbler is a browser extension created for people who listen to music online through their browser, and would like to keep an updated playback history using scrobbling services, such as Last.fm, Libre.fm and ListenBrainz.

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Key features

  • Multiple scrobbling services

    Scrobble your music to Last.fm, Libre.fm, and ListenBrainz scrobbling services.

  • Built-in metadata filter

    The metadata filter cleans track info up and removes redundant track suffixes.

  • Now playing notifications

    Notifications of now playing tracks with extended track info (a website name, a track play count).

  • A lot of websites supported

    We currently support scrobbling to different websites with more being added with each release.

  • Powered by WebExtensions

    Available for Chrome, Chrome-based browsers (Opera, Vivaldi, etc), and Firefox.

  • Open Source & Ad-free

    The extension is free for everyone and does not contain ads or banners.

Supported websites


Web Scrobbler is an open source project being developed by a great number of contributors. We always welcome any kind of contributions. Here are what you can do to improve Web Scrobbler:

If you want to support development of the extension, consider buying a coffee for Web Scrobbler via OpenCollective. Your support is greatly appreciated!